Update in English!

I'm sitting on my hostfamilys iMac so I don't have the swedish letters. So this entry is going to be in english. So that means it's going to be easier for me to write haha. I wont need to look back and proof read everything ;)
So what's new in my life...well nothing really haha.
I'm living my life to the fullest and trying to spend as much time with my two best friends because they are leaving for their travel month the day after my birthday and then come back in the end of August for 2 days I think and then they are going home to Germany and Austria :( I really don't want to think about that! I'm going to miss them so much!! 
My oldest hostteeneger (as they want to be called) Sarah left for Argentina and she's going to be there for 2 weeks so she's coming back next Sunday and then she's leaving again to go to ballet camp for 4 weeks. So except for the few hours I'll see here that Sunday I wont see her for 2 months :/ And I know it's really unusual that an au pair gets sad to just take car of one for 2 months but I really love my hostteenagers and my hostparents. 
Anyway..she's coming back from ballet camp the 27th of July and that's the day I leave for my vacation. And they are going to Hawaii for 2 weeks from 1-14th of August. So I'll get a looong vacation :)
It's going to be a loooong celebration of my 24th birthday!
Today I drove Olivia to her tennis camp and after that I went to Honda to get the car fixed. So while they were fixing that I walked in to Ardmore and met up with a friend. We ate breakfast and then we went to the Apple store to get my iPad fixed. And then I drove home to find that we didn't have any power because they were doing some repairs on the street. So I change in to my bikini and drove to the country club. I was there from around 1PM until 3.40PM and then I left to go and pick up Olivia. 
My hostparents went out for dinner so Olivia and I ordered chinese food. 
When they came home I was off and I went and picked up Lea and Judith and we went to a mexican place so Judith could eat :) And then we just drove around listening to music and singing.
And now I'm sitting here waiting for B to get on skype so I can talk to him :) I can't believe that he's coming tomorrow to meet me. He's driving 5-6 hours to come here just for me :) I'm so happy, nervous, scared and excited at the same time haha it's A LOT of emotion going on inside of me right now haha
Photo from the country club today :)


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