Evening with Lea :)

I got not even 3 hours of sleep last night, which I'd normally survive on when I just have to drop my host teenager of at tennis, but today we went to Project HOME to volenteer at their summer camp. 
We were there from 9-11.44 and then we went home ate and I drove her to tennis.
I also missed FedEx that were coming with my laptop, but I'll get it tomorrow :)
After I dropped her off at tennis I went home and skyped with my sister Sara who's in Miami right now.
Then I took 1 hour nap and I went and got Olivia from tennis.
After that I skyped some more with my sister and we finally rented a car :)
After dinner I went and pick up Lea and we went to King of Prussia and I got my eyebrows done :)
And then we went to H&M and I bought 2 more pairs of shoes but they only cost $7 together so... haha.
After that we went to Walmart and I bought candy for my flight to Orlando so I wont faint becuase I'll be so hungry. 
Then we sat in the car and looked at vines and twerking haha good day :)


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