8 days left!!

So what have I been doing?
Last weekend I took the bus down to Virginia Beach to see my boyfriend. It took me 12 hours of traveling to get there. And I had 2 nights and 1 full day with him. On Friday I got to meet few of his friends and on Saturday we went to an arcade and walked on the beach :) And then on Sunday I took the bus back to Philly, the bus was late so I missed the bus back home so i had to take the later bus back. At least I got on the last train back home from Philly. So I was home 1.30AM, so it took me 13 hours to get home :P
This week I've been working as usual and yesterday it was my sister Ellen's birthday, she turned 17 years old :)
I also found out that 4 out of 5 of my siblings are coming to the states in the end of November :D
So my sister Sara and her boyfriend are coming back and my brother William is coming and my sisters Joanna and Ellen. The only one that isn't coming is Emma because she's too young. 
Joanna and Ellen will sleep in my house here in Philly and Sara, Daniel and William will stay in NYC until thanksgiving when they will come to Philly to join our thanksgiving dinner at my hostmom mom's house. So that will be so amazing. Swedish invasion :P
And after the thanksgiving dinner we're going to black friday sale at King of Prussia :)
On Sunday my sister Sara and her boyfriend Daniel and his brother are going  to fly to Miami and next Saturday I'm flying to Orlando to meet them!!!! Only 8 days left!!!!! I can't believe it! I've missed them sooooo much!
Yesterday and today I've been at Rika's house and we chilled in the pool :) Today we jumped in with all of our clothes on :D And after the pool we went to Ihop, it was our friends first time there so it was fun :)


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